Design For Interactivity – W4 & 5

Update on the issue from last blog.

I was right about animation. I had to do most of it alone.

I am getting more and more demotivated because it feels like I am the only one committed to this god damn bachelor. Oskar is trying his best to help me even though it’s not the best of help. But Marcus isn’t doing a damn thing about trying to help. I have asked so many times to split up the work and give each other assignments to do, but it seems everything I assign to him he only ends up making it half way or not touching it at all. He spent some hours making a robot walk-cycle and decided to never touch it again after it was half assed, while in the same week he made one half assed walk-cycle, I made 2 completely finished and been working on 3 different sets of animations. Oskar is our 2D artist so I don’t really expect him to step in for Marcus and do much, but you know the situation is bad when even HE has to do that. This group is a blood mess and it keeps demotivating me.

As for the course it’s like procedural animation all over again. It has nothing to do with me or my group. My group keeps dumping all responsibility on me and the lectures and workshops cuts short early where we are left with nothing. In general a waste of time.

If this is how the game industry works, then I want NOTHING to do with it ever again.


Design For Interactivity – W3

Oskar finished the designed logo!

He made many different drafts and we all got together to decide and pick one. The one we ended up with looked very similar to the old Playstation logo, since both the playstation logo had a “PS” and our project is called “Punished Sand” and ended up with the “PS” version as well.

I did a quick sketch to narrow down something I thought that would work as a logo and how it could be animated.


Oskar took this as reference and made his final design based off this.


As for the lectures and workshops they are not really useful as I said in my last blog they are based initially on one aspect where there are several. So a lot of students feel they are wasting their time. Besides learning about logos and having a special designer from france over is really cool. But isn’t this something we SHOULD have had in the BEGINNING of our course? Considering most groups have already gone through this stage in our pre-phase of the bachelor project a long long time ago. Our focus should be on the foundation work of the most important technical work that defines our bachelor. For example, for games groups, they are developing the level, creating assets, texturing and coding the core foundation of the game. The aesthetic and planing phase has already been decided and set. Speaking for myself, my group SHOULD be focusing on making 3D models, UVing and Texturing, yet me and Oskar are the ONLY ones doing it. Because Marcus don’t remember how to Model, UV or Texture. Now thanks to this course his focus is completely driven away from trying to learn that and is now doing something completely unrelated.

All of the assets I have spent hours making I have uploaded here!

I can already say I am not looking forward to the animation part of this bachelor project in the next following weeks. My guess is that I will have to do that alone as well.

I guess you could call this course Design for Inactivity since Marcus is not doing anything of the technical work for our bachelor.

Trying to keep the mood and spirit up by being a bit of a joker here.

But all jokes aside, it is quite frustrating that I have to skip lectures and tutorials to work on our bachelor since I’m trying to do the work of another person as WELL as my own weight since he doesn’t remember Modeling anymore.

Design For Interactivity – W2

Now recapping from last week, since our group isn’t making a game, the lectures and workshops did not really work hand in hand with what we are making. Since we are developing a movie partly 3D and 2D. Our focus and goal is combining the two elements and not focusing on UI interfaces within video games.

Personally I was hoping for this course to be a mix between video/animation and games, and not only games. Seems quite rushed and not very thought through when a course is bound to the bachelor project and it’s not oriented so it fits everyone. Not everyone is making games so this is an issue that needs to be addressed for the future.

Seeing this is completely unrelated to our group and the fact that it is completely driving Marcus away from our bachelor project at all times during the week days, me and Oskar decided to proceed and carry a 3 man weight only the two of us, where Oskar would help me with 3D modeling, UVing and texturing in substance painter. Oskar was given the task to design the logo for the project while I decided the animated aesthetics for it.

Design For Interactivity – W1

During our first week of this course, Marcus, Oskar and I were finishing up our plans and goals for the current progress in our bachelor task. Jumping into this new course while working aside on our bachelor is something I would imagine being quite stressful. Considering IM already have a lot on their plates at the moment, but we will see how it goes! My focus is trying to use this course to help us progress with our bachelor.

I can’t speak for everyone but at least I am eager to see what this course has to offer!

Design for Motion – Week 4

The project has finally come to an end.

Adding the VHS effects too far more time than expected.

Learning tons from different tutorials over the internet and browsing AE forums for tips and tricks is something I would recommend. The rendering time most of the time the past hours before delivery since there were so many effects I had applied. Bulk-rendering is something I will definitely look more into so I can render one part and then proceed to put more effects on it without stirring up the machine.

I made 2 different versions of the video, one with the VHS effect and one without. I needed the one without to see how it looked like before I applied all the effects which took most of the time to render.


VHS version:

Regular version:

I learned a lot from this course and it was a pleasant experience, even though I ran short on time.

Until next time!

Design for Motion – Week 3

I finished the breakdown sheet and decided to start recording. I wanted to capture firefights and camping in bushes right in front of airdrops. Because this is an essential thing about the game. I decided to also capture 4 different weapons to showcase what the game has to offer.

How I thought it would start off was from the plane drop, and it ends up with a very slow paced running. This is perfect because it captures every aspect of the game from beginning to end. The running symbolizes running from the blue zone which is what restricts players from staying at 1 place in the whole map for the entirety of the game.


This is how production currently looks like so far:


Design for Motion – Week 2

For this week, I decided what to make a video game intro sequence. The ones you see when you boot up a game for the first time. I looked into some of my favorite and most notable ones.
Example #1:

The Overwatch “Are You With Us” intro is one of those intros that dip into the lore of the game and focuses on the cinematic view of the game rather than the gameplay.

Not entirely what I am looking for, but it is still notable because it’s one of the most well made intros of the modern game industry, so I would not mind analyzing it for valuable information to use for my own task.

Example #2:

Compared to the previous intro, this is sort of more what I am looking for. Although it’s not rendered with the game assets but made for cinematic purposes, it still captures the idea of the game, features what you can do and how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

Now setting my references aside, I have decided to pick the game “Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds” for my intro sequence. The reason I chose this specific game is because it’s still an early access game with huge potential. The developers have not put their focus on this very specific thing of having an intro sequence, so I thought it would be brilliant chance for me to try my best to capture the core of the game.


Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG for short has recently developed and released a replay function so that players can go back in previous matches and record their gameplay. With this comes amazing possibilities such as machinima creations.


Having a VHS themed PUBG intro would be perfect because of the fact that the game takes place in what seems to be 1980’s Slavic and Mexican country.

Design for Motion – Week 1

At the beginning of this course I was really looking forward to getting back into After Effects along with Premiere Pro since the last year when we had Editing. Although we had learned a lot of cool tricks, I wanted to try out something rather different. I wanted to challenge myself to create something we did not learn last year. So for this assignment I was already set in stone that I wanted to create an intro sequence with a old 80s VHS feel to it.


For my research I looked into a lot of other youtubers that used clips and recordings of everything from TV shows and video games and turned them into a VHS film.


Example #1:

Example #2:

Procedural Animation – Week 7 – VFX with Models

So I made 4 procedural animated particle effects linked to a 3D model, for our VFX assignment.

The first 3 I managed to make them fit to a hobo-barrel. The particles were:

Ember, Fire and Smoke.

I started off modeling a barrel, and textured it in Substance Painter with a very rustic metal material.

Then I made the 3 particles which is randomly generated with intervals of movement, speed, direction and rotation,


All together it looks something like this.



As for the 4th particle effect, I decided to make some fog coming out of a manhole cover.



Together with the steamy fog coming up from it, it looks fairly real.


Considering that our scene will use a rather dim light, I think it will work just perfectly.

Procedural Animation – Week 6 – Animating the Character

Sadly, the motion capture did not work out as intended.

Most of the files got corrupted when we transferred them out of the program and into MotionBuilder on another computer. David said he was going to help out most of the students another day with this issue, since he was in a rush for a meeting. For some reason he never showed up again because he was constantly away or working with other classes. In other words not holding up his end of the deal. The Maya students was left out on how to import the mocap from MotionBuilder to Maya. So we figured we could use the few files we could actually open as references and keyframe animate everything in Maya.

Marcus made the rig for the character while I dealt with most of the big animations.


Full Run sequence. This consisted of 3 parts: Idle-Run, Loopable Run-Cycle, Run-Idle.



Power slam.

A power attack which was meant to stuck the enemy to the ground, disabling them for a few seconds.


Sticky teabag hook.

This attack was meant to stick the enemy on contact with the teabag, and pull them towards the character.


Sadly all of the animations made above was scrapped due to Marcus’ rig not being compatible with Unreal.

So we had to reanimate everything


Full run-cycle.



Power slam.

The new rig Marcus made had to work around the fact that Unreal did not support a rig with several loose joints. Trying to bind these joins made Maya refuse to export it.

Sadly we had to scrap most of the work and improvise a work-around.

At least we finished the animations, even though we had to do it twice.