Arcade Machine

So I wanted to get a bit more training in 3D modeling, so I decided to make an Arcade Machine following Digital Tutors’ tutorial on how to make an Arcade Machine.

Using their format with drawing shapes I started off with the side of the cabinet.Wip1

I continued following the tutorial by merging the two pieces together into one object.Wip 2.PNG

After sorting out where I wanted my screen to be, I cut out the middle piece from the object and shaped it into a round screen.Wip 3

Now that the base model was complete, I started using my creativity to make my own buttons, joystick and coin slot. Derailing a bit away from the Tutorial on Digital Tutors, this is what I ended up with.Wip 6

Now it’s time for texturing. I’ll cover this in my next blog post!

Until next time!


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