Game Assignment (Dead Tree)

So I first started off by finding reference pictures for dead trees. The main reference source I used for my Dead Tree model was from Runescape.

Reference picture - Dead tree from Runescape.png       85933182283942398                  Dead_tree_old


First off I started drawing my tree in 3DS max like I did with the Arcade Machine. I drew the shapes of the branches and such like the Runescape trees have. Very crooked and sharp edges.

Finishing lofts

Then I continued to scale them down at the edge to make them more pointy. Trying to make them look similar to my reference, I went in dept inside of the actual game to be able to rotate around the entire tree.

Lofts done.PNG

After shaping it, I am now going to turn it into an actual model. Next up I have to refine the edges and make them even sharper. This does not apply for the bottom roots, because they will be under the ground and not visable during the rendering of the tree in the game engine.

Tree shaded.png

Now that the tree is an actual model, I will focus on refining it, downscale the polycount and UV map it.

Until next time!


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