Game Assignment (Dead Tree) – Part 3

A short recap from last time, I finished my tree. It’s theoretically done, but I also wanted to export it into Unity, which means I needed to export it into a FBX file. After doing a bit of research, I figured out how to import the FBX file into unity. But aside from that I also wanted a bit of landscape around it with some mountains and such, so I started off with creating it.

Unity 1.PNG

For the texture on the ground, I put together two pictures I found on google which was these two.

depositphotos_22588557-Dirt-Road-Seamless-Texture..jpgMountain rock dark texture.jpg

I wanted my environment to have this dead look, but with a tiny tint of life blooming up from the ground. I took the inspiration from different stranded dead trees in random desert pictures I found on google.

Unity 2.PNG

After scattering the trees I made around in the environment I made in Unity, I also wanted the light to be fitting with my environment. I moved the sun quite a bit further away and ended up with another scenario.

Unity 3.png

Now that this assignment is complete, it’s time to move over to the animation assignment.

Until next time.


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