Character creation

Here’s the reposted Character Description Document

John Doe (The unknown)

Basic Description
(All team members involved in character creation and or execution would receive this section.)

Name: Unknown, Referred to as John Doe

Sex: Male

Race/Species: Caucasian

Age: 35

Intelligence: Skilled as in “Tactical thinking”.

Education Type and Level: A former war veteran.

Economic Background: John grew up with his brother and father in Seattle. Not having a mother, his father was hard on him and his big brother. Demanding that they had to prove him their loyalty to him and their country. At an age of 14, John was already being trained to join the army, despite what he wanted to do with his own life.

Profession: Skilled soldier from the Military.

Vocabulary: Short and confused.

General Attitude: John is a confused man, focused on finding out who he is and where he came from. His actions are panicked and quick, with a trust problem towards anyone and everyone. He dislikes war and weapons, even though he is “naturally” good with it.

Backstory: John Doe is a man without a name. He grew up with only one parent and a sibling. A difficult father and a big brother. Being forced into the military at a young age against his will, John was dispatched onto heavy duties in the military for several years. The more time he spent in the military, less he saw of his family. During his time in the military, John got better at his precision shooting, close quarters combat, athletic qualities and his physical stamina and strength. Being good at what he had turned into, holding a weapon was like holding a glass of water for John. It was normal. Slowly turning into a cold machine and a war tool, John began to gain a reputation. His face was known to both enemies and allies. Both negative reputation and good. Being in the middle of a reputation crisis, John tried to escape for the sake of his life. The military wanted to send him out on more dispatch missions despite his demands for staying back at his platform. His head was the biggest priority the enemy craved for. Going out on more missions would be suicide. As John faced no other solution but to run, no sides he could part with, he encountered a conflict while being on the run. A conflict which made him forget his goals, his family, his past and his entire life. Suffering from amnesia, John Doe is confused and paranoid. If that really even is his name after all.

Deeper Dive
(This section is most geared toward writers and designers who will determine what the character can, might, and/or will do within the framework of the story and game)

Desire: John’s desire is to get peace with himself. Being confused if he wants to find out who he originally was or if he should start his life over without knowing his past is yet to be decided.

Likes: John likes peace. Hearing the ambient in his quiet room. Having a clear mind and not worrying about things.

Dislikes: War. Destruction and violence.

Values: John values silence and being alone. Considering he’s an introvert, John appreciates being to himself. His thought on how living life is with a cold drink in his hand and a TV all to himself.

Key flaw(s): John is a former war veteran. Due to the fact that he has bailed on his broken life without knowing, he now desires a normal life. Unfortunately for John, people from his old life might be looking for him.

Vices: Without knowing, John is a slave to war. Even though he desires peace, he is still on the run from the war he took part in. Once a veteran, always a veteran. His habits starts to show which scares him and is something he tries to repress.

Character Arc/Change: Since John belonged to the military, his character was a serious and proud figure. His personality was a hard and cold machine, whom did not care about anyone other than himself and his missions. One thing John put before anything else was his own life.

After the incident, John still has some of the old traits from his previous life. He is a confused and paranoid character whom desires for peace. Previously being sure about mostly everything, John is now unsure about nearly anything. He wants peace but can’t get it.



(This section is customized for concept artist, characters artists, modellers, riggers, and animators.)

Physical attributes: John has a sense of over-dressing himself in normal occasions. Wearing nice and proud clothing is a trait he still has from his old life.

Movement: John usually moving synchronized with the same pace like he did in the military.

Clothing: John wears a classy shirt and west when alone. In public he wears a Tuxedo.

Weapons/Paraphernalia: John despise weapons. All though he still has his quick and tactical reactions and CQC without remembering it, it comes naturally to him.


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