Narrative – Mistakes Were Made

During this course we had something called Narrative. Narrative is gathering information and studying the concept of telling a story such as visuals, sounds, stories, characters and concept.

Starting the course, I could not make it the first day due to travel issues all the way from Oslo, so I had to wait 1 day to return home to Kristiansand. Once I arrived the second day, I asked Magnus if there was any group I could participate in and I was referred to a group with 6 people. Fearing we were too many, it didn’t become any problem during this course and we did not step on each others feet. In the group was Oscar, Phong, Marcus, Kitti, Lars, Runar and me. After being shortly briefed about what the concept they had come up with, I learned that the name of the group was “Mistakes Were Made” which also reflected back on the story being told.

We used a lot of time brainstorming together and discussing what parts we should include in the story and what not to include. I wrote down all of the ideas we had come up with on a white board and told everyone they could only vote on 1 of the ideas. After the voting we landed on 3 main ideas to include in the story and removed the others that didn’t receive enough votes. Now that we had a story briefed, it was time to start writing down what we had been actually discussing. So we all gathered around in the computer lab and created a Google Docs document which everyone can write at the same time. Oscar and Phong wrote most of this because they had put together the entire story and knew it by heart.

Completing task 1, it was time for task 2 which was recording a 30 second film where the bodylanguage was the main focus. So behind camera was Me, Kitti and Oscar. In front of the camera was Phong, Marcus, Lars and Runar. Kitti and I directed most of the movie and explained to the selected actors what to do. This went surprisingly fast due to the fact that Kitti and I already had experience with filming and directing movies.

After recording, it turned out I was the only one with experience of editing movies. After completing High School I learned the entire Adobe Master Collection by heart, and because they had that installed at school I used Adobe Premiere to edit the movie. We also agreed that everyone would draw and submit their storyboard from a scene in the story. So as I was editing the movie the others on the group started drawing their storyboards.

As we were closing in on completing the project, we needed a background audio that correspond with the setting and the mood of our story. Marcus did this part of the project as he had a lot of experience with music and playing guitar. The result was excellent.

The presentation went rather okay in my opinion. I managed to screw up my time schedule for the presentation because I was so afraid of screwing it up the night before. So I arrived 20 minutes late, but just in time to join my group in presenting it.

As for the overall summary, the course was a fun experience and I was pleased with working as a group of 7 people. It’s like they say, the more chefs you have for making a meal, the messier it gets. But as for this group I wouldn’t say so. I think it went really smooth! Everyone did their job and everyone contributed. To begin with I was scared that it would end up as one big group of organized chaos. It was organized yes, but the group was never chaos.


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