Rigging 2

Sorry for being absence from this course this first week.

Unrelated to the actual course but still relevant to why I am not working with the project at the moment. I am currently stuck in my hometown, 1 hour outside Oslo trying to get back to Kristiansand. Norway is in the middle of a train strike crisis. Almost all of the trains across the country has stopped and refuse to continue any time soon. Only way for me to get in to Oslo is by train. Currently I have been stuck in my hometown for about 5 days now, but I am trying to follow everything that happens at school and in the labs.

After watching the livestreams, I wanted to design something old and woody. Was originally thinking about a barn or farm structures, but because of the what has already been decided, I picked the Medieval architecture from the list because that is quite close to what I originally wanted to make.

Trying to decide what I want to make within the medieval architecture. Currently playing Skyrim on Xbox for inspiration, because that game is filled with architecture and structures from the 15th century.


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