Rigging 2 (Labs)

So today we made a 3D model of our concept.

I finally got around to try Maya, due to the fact that I have been struggling with 3DSMax in the past, super easy program and I picked up the basics fast because it’s pretty similar to 3DSMax. I used my orthographic view as a background image to model the actual structure. The teacher requested us to keep the detail to a minimum, so I did not progress further than this.


Screenshot from Maya while making the model.



After I was done with the 3D modeling we were going to apply the textures on our model through photoshop. Having years of experience with Photoshop, this was not as much as a challenge to me compared to starting in a new program such as Maya. I used the filters in photoshop to apply the textures I wanted and color corrected them to the right color I needed. As a final touch, I made cracks on the top and I painted the blue beam shooting up from the top like in the sketches.


Photoshopped textures on the 3D model.


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