Rigging 2 (Lab 2)

So my progress has been really fast lately. Picking up everything from a new program is not easy, but with a lot of guidance from our efficient teacher and smart friends, learning Maya has not been a problem so far.

All though I have encountered some problems. The first problem I had was the top of the cylinder.


I have no idea what happened, but it somehow split in two parts which really caused a lot of problems for me. Due to this I thought that I might as well start all over again with the top of the structure. I deleted the “Destroyed” part and made a new one.

I used the old one as proof of concept, and I tried to recreate the top shape as closely as possible to the drawing I made of the structure before it blew up.


Still have a lot of details to add, but I will also edit the tower top later to look like it’s been blown up like I recently tried. However I will use a different method than what I did this time.

Without further a due, here’s the current WIP of my structure.



Back (without light):


And just to be fancy here is the current model with wireframes:


Now that is A LOT of bricks. I am not looking forward to UV mapping 😦


One comment

  1. maugryph · October 28, 2016

    very nice progress!


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