Rigging 2 – Final product

The time has finally come and the render is done! I really like how it turned out. Not exactly how it played out in my mind but that’s not necessarily bad. It still turned out genuine. I have really enjoyed this course and I have learned a lot. I will try to keep this blog updated for the future with other modeling project as well as outside school!

This is the final render with a touch of Photoshop.

Very Final Poster Photoshop 2 Final.png

This is the render without photoshop

Final Texture Render.png

I did not want to use a finished stock model of a pine tree because I feel like that is cheating. Instead I tried my best to make the trees myself. Not the best, but it works.

Here’s 3 more renders with different perspectives




Here’s a blocking stage of how the model was made over time:


Rigging 2 (Labs 6)

UVs is where I am now. I took some photoshop brushes and combined it with color to get a nice texture to use for my structure. I wanted my scene to look genuine and not like I have only ripped images off google. I used a lot of textures I created myself:

Rooftiles texture


Rocky texture

Rock texture.png

Wooden texture

Wood texture.jpg

And then there’s UV maps with more details on them

Window UV

Window uv.jpg

Flag UV

flag UV.jpg

Foundation UV


These are some of the UV maps I’ve made so far, looking to make more but I don’t want to overdo it as well. Have to be realistic and gotta look at how much time I have left.

Rigging 2 (Labs 5)

So I’ve started to get around UV mapping now. Using photoshop and a program called UV layout. I still have a lot to learn, but I wanted to test render my scene with some basic uvmaps, I was kind of happy with the result I must say!

Beam test2.jpg

Beam test.jpg

I was really satisfied with the glow on the beam shooting through the rooftop. The glow gives it a good touch of not looking like it’s a liquid form. Because that was a concern I had. I didn’t want the beam to look like water shooting through or down into the rooftop.

But this was certanly a step to the right direction.

Rigging 2 (Labs 4)

So right now I have finished the house. The beam and the top is finished and I am quite satisfied.



I had a bit focus on making the bricks crooked and skewed. This is because the structure is being affected by the vibrations of the explosion on the top.

WIP 5 4 2.PNG     WIP 5 4.PNG

Just to add a touch of detail, I used my reference drawing and added flying bricks away from the blast point like in my drawings.



Next up I will focus on adding props and environment props all round the area. Like pine trees and environmental props fitting the theme and era of the time the structure is set in.



Rigging 2 (Labs 3)

So I have progressed a bit further this weekend. Looking over my references, I wanted to make the roof tiles sort of ceramic. Once I get to UV Mapping, I have an idea to make some individual tiles cracked and different from each other.


I have also added wooden support structures around the house. The house now looks much more similar to my reference boards and drawings. I am still not entirely satisfied with how it looks, but I can’t add too much details due to the massive lag I experience when working with all these models. A nice touch I also added was bricks around the chimney.



So this is currently where I stand. Next I will be focusing on finishing the house itself and the top. If I get the time, I can also try to make the beam shoot up from the top.