Rigging 2 – Final product

The time has finally come and the render is done! I really like how it turned out. Not exactly how it played out in my mind but that’s not necessarily bad. It still turned out genuine. I have really enjoyed this course and I have learned a lot. I will try to keep this blog updated for the future with other modeling project as well as outside school!

This is the final render with a touch of Photoshop.

Very Final Poster Photoshop 2 Final.png

This is the render without photoshop

Final Texture Render.png

I did not want to use a finished stock model of a pine tree because I feel like that is cheating. Instead I tried my best to make the trees myself. Not the best, but it works.

Here’s 3 more renders with different perspectives




Here’s a blocking stage of how the model was made over time:


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