Animation 2 – The three parts.

From last time I struggled with making the animation feel like it was cartoonish and not too realistic. Considering I had to do 3 parts of animation, why not apply 3 different animations from 3 different cartoons together to make one animation.

So I picked out one animation from a video game called Crash Bandikoot where they use a lot of the same style I am going for. Crash has a classic run cycle I wanted to take huge reference from. I also based the running off this sheet I found in our computer lab.



As for the jump, I decided to take reference from my favourite modern cartoon which is called “The Legend of Korra” A lot of the movement and animation from this cartoon is based on real life martial arts. They have 4 different cultureĀ of people that can bend elements to their own will. Fire, Water, Earth and Air. These different cultures are based on different martial arts, so the one I chose for the jump is a Chinese martial arts calledĀ Ba Gua Zhang, which has been used a lot in different Jet-Li movies. Example:

That summerizes up pretty much all of the references I am using.

Original Reference

Johnny Bravo


Crash Bandikoot


Legend of Korra


Animation 2, Getting started

My first point of reference started of course with Johnny Bravo’s animation. I found a clip from Cartoon Network where he is walking down the street where you get a perfect side view of his walk cycle.


With some editing and cutting I managed to get a looking cycle of only the walk.

Original Reference.gif

This was a good point to start. Only thing is that cartoons made in the 90’s did not have a gigantic budget. So his walk cycle only consisted of 6 frames, so the challenge here was how could I make a 3D animation look polished and good and still keep the cartoonish feel to it. My first attempt at the animation turned out really stiff and choppy. So I figured I needed more frames to support the actual animation itself. I thought about doubling the frames from 6 to 12, which still was not enough. At 25 frames it started to look good, now the challenge was to try and get that cartoonish feel back.

My Johnny Bravo Animation

So for my Animation 2 I decided to take some inspiration from cartoon animations.

My core idea is based on the style of Johnny Bravo. He has such characteristic poses and moves. We started of with a couple of lectures on posing the free rig we are using. There were two rigs to choose from, one called Bony and one called Beefy. Difference is Bony is thin and Beefy is buffed. Of course Beefy would fit better for the Johnny Bravo animation I am planing to make. Only thing is that he does not look similar enough to the man himself. So I took an extra step and started 3D modeling the hair of Johnny Bravo.