Animation 2 – The three parts.

From last time I struggled with making the animation feel like it was cartoonish and not too realistic. Considering I had to do 3 parts of animation, why not apply 3 different animations from 3 different cartoons together to make one animation.

So I picked out one animation from a video game called Crash Bandikoot where they use a lot of the same style I am going for. Crash has a classic run cycle I wanted to take huge reference from. I also based the running off this sheet I found in our computer lab.



As for the jump, I decided to take reference from my favourite modern cartoon which is called “The Legend of Korra” A lot of the movement and animation from this cartoon is based on real life martial arts. They have 4 different culture of people that can bend elements to their own will. Fire, Water, Earth and Air. These different cultures are based on different martial arts, so the one I chose for the jump is a Chinese martial arts called Ba Gua Zhang, which has been used a lot in different Jet-Li movies. Example:

That summerizes up pretty much all of the references I am using.

Original Reference

Johnny Bravo


Crash Bandikoot


Legend of Korra


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