Animation 3 – The final product

After animating for a few days, I managed to finish the animation quite well. Getting some feedback from Anna-Camilla and some online friends I followed up a tip that the animation was a bit static. After sorting out some issues, the animation was done.

I played around with some camera perspectives, because I have always been really fond of first person perspective, so I animated a camera to make it look like the viewer is spinning the gun.

This is the final product:






Animation 3 – The gunspin

So for this course we had to animate hand movement and interact with an object.

Being a fan of the video game Metal Gear Solid, I am extremely fascinated by gunspinning. A character called Revolver Ocelot shows off his skills with revolvers by spinning them on his fingers. This is a western trait cowboys usually master. So gathering up my refereces I have a lot of them everything from real life to videogames:


There are a lot of tips and tricks on how to spin guns on youtube which I also used for reference



Now for my real life reference, I just have to point out that I am not good at spinning guns compared to my other references, but I did this to look at the hand movement and not the actual gun spin.



Now that all of the references are completed, all I need is a gun model.

I started off by drawing a silhouette of a gun in illustrator by using the pen tool. The line of the pen tool is in vector and will be used to create a surface in maya.


After exporting it and creating the surface, I did some clean up and ended up with a pretty clear and simple gun.


And that’s it for now!

Animation 2 – The flip

Unfortunately I have experienced some issues with the flip I am animating. After looking into the problem with my teacher, it seems I have gotten a Gimbal lock on several places in the rig. The problem lies either in one of the following: #1 it is a cheap free rig, and is not made for being twisted so much. #2 I am not too experienced with animating in Maya so there’s a lot of stuff that is new to me.

Either way after trying to clean it up for a long time I think I managed it fairly well. I have learned for future reference that I should never rotate or move any parts on the rig without using the axis and doing it completely on freehand.

This is the end result for the flip:


There is still a lot of polishing that needs to be done, but I think this is good for now.