Procedural Animation – Week 1 – Beginning

The goal for this course is to create Game characters and Game environment to then be coded together as a final product. The challenge of this course will be heavily balanced on the fact that we all have to work together with a time limit, similar to the actual game industry. Each team has to work on a schedule to deliver the product on the deadline, so that the UI Team can patch everything together and finish the work.

So for this course we got divided into teams.

Our groups consists of:

  • Backend / UI Team
  • Art Team 1
  • Art Team 2
  • Art Team 3

My role is “Lead Animator” for Art team 2 and our group consists of  6 other roles as well where 1 of them is not occupied. The other roles are: Group Leader, Lead VFX, Lead Modeling, Art Director, Generalist 1 and Generalist 2.

The role I got consists of being in charge of all the animation. We are going to do motion capture, clean it through mudbox, refine it in maya and send it along with our characters to the UI team.

Potential challenges I might face on this task is the following:

  • Problems understanding Motion Capture.
  • Bugs with mocap software.
  • The recorded animation will not be as clean as prefered.
  • Too much time on cleaning up the deadframes and filling up gaps.

Hopefully, everything will go according to plan. I have prior knowledge to animation, so I don’t think these issues will be anything I couldn’t solve during our time working.


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