Procedural Animation – Week 3 – Animation MotionBuilder

So today David had a workshop to show us how MotionBuilder works.

We grouped up in the lab and handed out the recorded animation files. Unfortunately there seems to be an issue with the program we have used to record the files with. Some of the files appear to be “Corrupted”. By looking into the files in notepad+, all the data is right there and should be working fine. So I don’t know what is causing the issue but we have found a fix for it.

Apparently it either seems the files might have been damaged when we transferred it from the old computer we recorded it on, or the files have faced an issue while saving in the program, which leaves us with two options:

Either we try to save and transfer the damaged files again, or we will have to record the corrupted files over again.

On the bright side, it was only a few files of a whole bunch that was corrupted. On the down side, it’s files that we really need.

We imported the ones that works into MotionBuilder, and applied an actor skeleton on it. It was actually really simple. All we had to do was to connect the dots and line up the skeleton with our recording. Then we clicked the “Apply” button and hoped to god everything would work out.

Here are the files we recorded:


Walk cycle – Front



Walk cycle – Side



Idle – Walk



Impact – Stagger



Taunt – Tbag



Taunt – Dance


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