Design for Motion – Week 2

For this week, I decided what to make a video game intro sequence. The ones you see when you boot up a game for the first time. I looked into some of my favorite and most notable ones.
Example #1:

The Overwatch “Are You With Us” intro is one of those intros that dip into the lore of the game and focuses on the cinematic view of the game rather than the gameplay.

Not entirely what I am looking for, but it is still notable because it’s one of the most well made intros of the modern game industry, so I would not mind analyzing it for valuable information to use for my own task.

Example #2:

Compared to the previous intro, this is sort of more what I am looking for. Although it’s not rendered with the game assets but made for cinematic purposes, it still captures the idea of the game, features what you can do and how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

Now setting my references aside, I have decided to pick the game “Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds” for my intro sequence. The reason I chose this specific game is because it’s still an early access game with huge potential. The developers have not put their focus on this very specific thing of having an intro sequence, so I thought it would be brilliant chance for me to try my best to capture the core of the game.


Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG for short has recently developed and released a replay function so that players can go back in previous matches and record their gameplay. With this comes amazing possibilities such as machinima creations.


Having a VHS themed PUBG intro would be perfect because of the fact that the game takes place in what seems to be 1980’s Slavic and Mexican country.


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