World Building – Studio 3 – Semester 2

What is this exactly?


This is a quick draft and overlay of the whole continent the scenes will take place in from the shots we were planning.

Taking some reference from our earlier animatic we showed at last presentation, we thought it would be cool to have all these houses really really close to each other and make it look like an actual desert setting like this:

Bilderesultat for desert city

Art by Mytherea – DeviantArt


There could be tons of stands next to each other  and all the roads lead up to the big citadel at the top of the desert.

What would the animated short benefit from this progress?

Making it look realistic, creating a good setting for the animated short and in general having a structured and planned layout is good for continuity.

Is this important to focus on compared to other aspects of the project?

To some degree, obviously we should finish the storyboards and narrow down the whole animated short before anything else is done, but this has to be done at some point too. So for us it doesn’t really matter what order we do these three things in, as long as they are done before we start animating and creating all of the important assets.


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