Planing part 2 – Studio 3 – Semester 2

What has happened since last post?

Progress. We have made huge progress, as we got some feedback on our last meeting and were told to define the characters a bit more and to really find out about what is needed in a story. Now this really opened our eyes, because a story is really bland if there is plot holes and undefined characters or plot points. Now this made us go way back and look at everything we have. We compared it to our research question which is merely to conduct this research about 2D assets combined with 3D and why the industry always refrains from making it. So telling a good story is not really the focus here, but should we just go for the same plans we originally had and ignore the feedback we have gotten?

Not at all. It has helped us open our eyes to another option which I think benefits all of us in the best interest. Now the story isn’t the biggest issue here, but it’s what genre we are going for. Now we had originally thought about this really serious and action filled animated short. But how can you create a serious short in the span of 1 minute.

Now that is exactly the question. Because to make something serious seem convincing you need build-up, tension, you need development and so many other elements. While in a comedy, you don’t have nearly as many elements to define the genre. A comedy can be short, spontaneous, not necessarily focus on the backstory or story arc in general and still be good. So the group decided to go for something a bit more jolly and silly. We started narrowing down what makes us laugh and what we find funny in films.

We came up with a list of different things: Parodies, Anti-climatic moments, Silliness, Sound Effects, Timing.

Will these things from that list be included in the new draft of the animated short?

That is exactly the point. As the film will be still set in the same universe as we have spent so much time creating with the world building. The characters will still be the same and have the same backstory. Only the story will be told in a different way. We slash out the things that are not important to tell about such as the god and the mayor, and we are thinking of rather going with the Rebel vs The Robots. Because we feel if we introduce too many characters in 1 minute it would be difficult for the audience to follow. So since the robots are all programmed to be the same and mass produced with the same personality, there are theoretically 2 personalities in this animated short. The robot personalities and the Human personalities.


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