Storyboards – Studio 3 – Semester 2

We have finished up a super rough version of the storyboard which we will make better once the models come into shape. It’s not the best looking but it’s better that nothing. Now we actually have something to look at while we proceed with modeling which is the next big thing to do.

Is it necessary to make a rough version rather than finishing a solid storyboard now?

Yes, because we still need time to think the shots/scenes through, what we have right now is more of a concept which will guide us to create better models, environment assets, scene building, creating a series of materials and illustrations.

Obey poster.png

The rough storyboard will help everyone understand better what we are thinking and have envisioned. Especially for Oskar who is responsible for drawing the concepts of the characters. He needs to know what setting they will be in and if they are supposed to be good or evil.


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