Modeling – Studio 3 – Semester 2

I have finally started modeling again. The plan I have set is to do everything of high importance first. That’s why we have created a list of assets that needs to be made and given them importance levels.

Sheet for modeling.PNG

The red marks if they are important or not, the less bright red is somewhere in-between. First model I will be throwing myself over is the robot.

Why start with the robot?

Well considering it’s one of the models which is gonna be shown the most, it should be the most refined and well worked model. Besides the quicker I have this made, the quicker Marcus can rig it and we can start production of the video itself as soon as possible.

Considering this is how the model looks now, I have a long way to work.


What can be done to improve this model?

I can start off by asking a real illustrator for a proper concept art. Which is something I will discuss with Oskar next week.


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