Modeling – Studio 3 – Semester 2

Update from last post, Oskar got together with Julian Holm and made an amazing concept for the robot!

bot 1.5.png

I specifically asked for a robot inspired by the B1 Units from Star Wars. Their choice to include a set of different heads is incredible and really smart. Gives a lot more choice to the modeler being me.

Image result for B1 unit star wars

“B1 Unit” – Star Wars Wikia

Is it bad that it is inspired from such a big blockbuster?

That’s the interesting part. We have decided to go for the humor aspect of our animated short, and parodies or resemblances to critically known characters and scenes will have a humoristic impact on the audience watching especially when we make fun of it.

Is the robot going to have some originality or is it going to be exactly the same as the robots from Star Wars?

Yes they will have a lot of originality and not be a blank copy at all. This goes all the way back to our setting which is a junker era. A setting where everything is made out of scrap or junk they can find. While the robots in Star Wars are made in a futuristic setting where they have a quite futuristic look as well. The robots we make will function as they have a motor for a chest, meaning they will only truly die from bullets if you aim for their chest and not their head. However, electrocution is an alternative since they are completely made out of metal and an electric shock would fry all of the components inside making it malfunction or explode. One change I decided to implement is having piston powered elbows and knees instead of wheels, since living in a desert means they will rust, and rust will not work well on something so compact and dependent of movement.

Robot 1.PNG

This is the result of modeling after I followed the reference 1 to 1. As you can see it really looks like a silly friendly robot and not intimidating at all.

Why is it looking friendly and not intimidating?

Due to the fact that it is extremely skinny and tiny. Making a robot 1 to 1 is not always the best decision when modeling. You can take reference from something but it is important to remember to change decisions depending on what direction you decide to take, in this case I needed to make him bigger.

Final robot 1.PNG

This is the final edit of the robot exactly how I envisioned it.

What exactly is different aside from the added thickness?

The chest was made much bigger to compensate for the proportion of what is a shape of a humanoid. Even though this is clearly not a human, but a machine. We still thought it would be best to go a little bit closer to the humanoid shape but still have it remain an inhuman proportion.

What if you made it bigger?

That is something Oskar asked me after I had made the final version of this robot.

The end result ended up becoming this:

Final robot 2.PNG

This is what became of our Heavy Infantry Robot which is currently being implemented into the rough storyboards we are updating along side of this.

The story of this robot is that it’s only purpose is to be called into action as a back-up when the infantry robots fail at their job and need bigger guns.

What’s the arm made out of?

Going back to the first concept, Julian and Oskar talked about having either one or both of the robot arms as a gun.

I needed to figure out what gun the arm should be, the gun of the arm in the concept reminded me more of a 1919-A4

Image result for 1919 gun

Looking into this I also started looking at other 3D models of its brother gun the M240 being separated into parts to get a closer look at the individual pieces as it has the same function.


If the robot is bigger, shouldn’t the gun be bigger as well?

That is where the problem started. The gun would be too tiny, and I can’t just attach a cannon to it’s arm like it’s a tank or something. Because that would be too big. So I started looking at what common BIG gun video games have in common, and I landed at the iconic Gatling gun you find in video games such as DOOM and Team Fortress 2.

Minigun IMG.png

What if you made the robot EVEN bigger?

And of course Oskar also asked this too jokingly just as he did last time.

And of course I didn’t just let that joke go either, so I asked him to draw me a concept where we designed pretty much the same robot, but with a different style. We had a meeting all three of us and discussed what to implement and include for our BIG robot.

As a joke I suggested we could have a really fat robot stuck inside of a tank, being the whole tank. Where its legs are the lower part of the tank, and the upper-part is his fat body where the cannon is attached as his right arm to keep the same design in mind from the last sketch.

Oskar originally took this photograph from a Soviet T-80 tank from Tank Encyclopedia

tank bot.png

And drew it into a concept which looked extremely stupid, but we all loved it.

I spent some time trying to model the chest human like in the shape of an obese humanoid, but since it was a robot, I still decided to go with the style of having it relatively low poly, since that was the theme we were kind of going for along with the Chunky, rustic robots we already had.

Final robot 3.PNG

The robot came together very nice along with it’s gigantic size.

Final robot 3 2.PNG

Why is the robot tank wearing a backpack?

I decided to throw on the backpack, to give some explanation of where the tank-shells comes from and how the robot loads/re-loads ammo after each shot.Final robot size.PNG

The size difference between all the robots, our plan is that each robot will have a way of traveling. The tiny robots will get a hoverbike to ride on, The bigger robots will drop from a helicopter, and the tank robot is its own vehicle. Alternatively we thought about having the big robot as a transportation vehicle as well for the tiny robots having a deploy-able panel to open from behind the tank where all the robots could run out of.

I guess you could say I built in a “Back Door”

Final robot hatch.PNG


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