Modeling – Studio 3 – Semester 2


Starting off with the Regular sized robots vehicle, With a bit of reference taken from the classic american choppers that are over the top fancy and expensive, I went ahead and modeled the first half of it.

Image result for american chopper

Final Hoverbike.PNG

Why does it only contain one wheel?

As I mentioned earlier, the setting is set in a Junker era where they only use spare parts, But I like to include a tiny piece of high tech to every model I make, similar to the hoverboard. This was taken inspiration out of watching the First Iron Man movie

Where Tony Stark built a really improvised armor out of spare parts and scrap he could find in the cave he was held captive in. The only touch was that he made a high tech arc reactor to power the armor.

So as for the vehicles, they are levitated above the ground with a Gravity Stabilizer.

Final Hoverbike hoverthing.PNG

The gravity stabilizer is originally taken from the hoverboard I made last semester, which makes sense in the lore to the fact that the Rebels plunder and scavenge their tech from the robots.

Final Hoverboard hoverthing.PNG

As for the bigger robots being bigger and heavier they needed a stronger lift that would not break the Gravity Stabilizer.

Oskar started cooking up a reference for the transportation of the big robot while I was working on the Hoverbike.


Final CargoBob.PNG

Why does the front look like a face?

Originally we started looking into planes and helicopters being piloted by a robot sitting at the top, driving the thing. Oskar had a suggestion that we make the Helicopter a robot as well and called it Cargo-Bob. Which was actually a ridiculous suggestion, but that’s why we implemented it. Because everything that is silly and unserious will break the serious tension going on in the video even though it is a comedic action animated short.

Final CargoBob face.PNG

How does the helicopter work?

We started looking into different helicopters to take inspiration from. Initially it would not make sense to make a standard main rotor and tail rotor like the common helicopters have.

We started looking into multiple Tandem rotors such as Chinooks have. But we were scared that would cover the whole viewpoint for the pilot and rather hide it from being seen which was also a crucial point to have.

We started thinking about implementing the rotors from the side and therefor we created it into a tiltrotor aircraft which would allow it to rotate it’s propellers any direction it wants, allowing it to open and close the doors, take off from both VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) and horizontally.

There is only a few aircrafts that can do this and the most common one is the Osprey which we decided to take huge reference points from.

Image result for osprey aircraft

Final Cargobob Osprey.PNG

How will this aircraft manage to land with wheels due to the heavy amount of sand in such environments as deserts?

We had a long discussion about how it should be able to land. The wheels would not work at all and we needed something that would allow it to levitate above the course sand in order not to damage any part of the aircraft. The regular landing gear skid of the aircraft is usually very vulnerable and is not meant for VTOL aircrafts.

Are you planing on creating a aircraft that has the possibility to preform a VTOL landing and a regular horizontal landing?

That is the exact idea we are trying to solve. Luckily, Oskar mentioned Sponson aircrafts which have the capability to land in both water and on land, which extends the hull further above the surface in order to prevent it from taking damage.

Now since sand have the same similarity as water and acts in the same way, we implemented this on our beloved Cargo Bob as well.

Final CargoBob Landing things.PNG


The Laser Boomstick

Final Laser Boomstick.PNG

Its a sawed off double barreled Remington shotgun loaded with shotgun bucks filled with the laser energy from the differnet crystals.

This was inspired by the other big blockbuster called Evil Dead. Where the main character Ash Williams goes around carrying his Iconic Boomstick, which is where I got the name from.

The Electric Swatter

Final Electric Swatter.PNG

This model was created from Oskar’s concept where he had a Baseball bat wrapped in barbedwire hooked up to 2 batteries making them electrical.


Similar to the Electric Swatter, we wanted something our main character could potentially throw from a distance to take out robots and retrieve after wards.

Thats how we came up with the Chop-Stopper.

Final Chop-Stopper.PNG

Being a small axe where the handle is made out of shock resistant rubber and hooked up to a bicycle breaker (similar to the baseball bat) which is again hooked up to batteries attached to the metal blade.



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