Storyboard and Misc – Studio 3 – Semester 2


20180417_193740.jpgConsidering the amount of printed out papers were quite thick and were at a total of 80 scenes, we wondered how long it would roughly be in a movie format. Which can be found RIGHT HERE!

In other words we have made some other tiny assets in the spare time we had.

Abashi circus.png

Abashi circus fennec.png

Some promotional posters of a circus in Abashi which is the continent where the story takes place in.

I have created some Alphas that really helps with texturing.

AAG alpha.png

Built to kill.png

Cargo bob.png


Friendly Alpha.png

Fuck you 1.pngFuck you 2.png

Hag unit alpha.png

Grin 2.png

Eat shit cunt 1.pngEat shit cunt 2.png

Bandage.pngObey qr code.png

Target Alpha.png

Unit 32.pngUnit 63.pngUnit lay-z.pngWest side 1.pngWest side 2.pngclock alpha.pngAlpha 1.pngCount to five.pngWattmetro.png

In one of the Alphas I had to design the logo of the Mayor “Albatatis” who controls the robots, his factory firm is called Arbak Industries.


Does the logo have any meaning behind it?

Yes as you can see the second A in ARBAK is shaped with an underline is to symbolize about the eldertree from our early drafts of the story. Because the Citadel where the mayor lives is created out of the biggest tree in all of Abashi, said to have connected and been the source of all the other living trees and grass on the continent and was blessed by the sun god. When Albatatis cut the majority of this tree down, he cut down the life support of all the other nature around him dooming the civilazation to forever live in a fading environment, inevitably leading to a desert as everything god dryer and dryer.

The sun god got angry with him and decided to punish humanity to forever live in this environment they had created themselves. He punished them by promising to always be the burning hatred in the sky who would dry out everything and make it inhabitable to regrow nature there. But as the climate changes, so does nature. So the humanity survived on water from cactuses and natural rain water. Until Albatatis manage to create synthesized water which he would obviously use as a power stance. Promising to end the water support of every citizen if anyone ever stood in his way.

His office is a giant citadel which is where the old gigantic tree stood, and it is built to look like the old tree. As it is quite symbolic of how he punished everyone for his actions and rose to power.

Now back to the logo, the shape of the old Tree kind of resembles of the letter “A”. The connected underlines are meant to represent the vines going through the earth connecting everything.

To implement this logo into the project as not only in the shape of a texture, I recreated the photoshop made logo in Illustrator as a Vector file which is not made out of pixels but rather lossless lines.


Then I imported the vector file in to Maya and created a beveled object out of the curves the program provided for me.

All I had to do now was some initial cleanup and then I had a 3D model of the logo.

Arbak model.PNG


Some additional Modeling for environments I have put together.


This is the scene where most of the alphas with words will go on each template to signalize whenever something occurs in the field such as “Intruder Alert” “Breach” “In Sector B” or “Emergency” “Lay-Z” “Is Eating Lard” for example. Just a couple of the combinations to put together.

Mts1.png  mts28.png  mts3.png

This Scene is a parody from the opening of a Team Fortress 2 animated movie called “Meet The Spy”

Image result for meet the spy board

Which we are really forward about, so that no one thinks we are deliberately trying to rip off  a scene from another film without giving them the credit for it, because that’s what you have to do when you are making a parody about something.

Which is why we included a tiny easter egg to kinda poke fun about this in the alphas we are going to put on the board itself.

mts35.png   mts47.png   mts59.png

Which is why we decided to address this and poke fun at it.

Could this project be in potential problems about breaking the copyright of Valve Corporations IP for making something very similar to the opening scene in “Meet the spy”?

Absolutely not. It’s heavily referenced and inspired but has some differences here and there. Even though it is not entirely similar we still looked in to the matter legally, and conducted research. What we found out which greenlit us to go for this funny idea of making fun of Team Fortress 2 and kind of referencing it in our animated short, was the fact that Valve Corporation actually endorse all of it’s consumers to make parodies and use their IP for whatever they want. In an issued interview, Head of Valve “Gabe Newell” even stated that their engine “Source” is being used by their consumers to mainly make pornography which they have no problem with.

In every Team Fortress 2 animated short, they have a title card with the title of the video. At the bottom, it says on every single one of them “Copyright LOLOLOL” which means LOL a common online term used as “Laughing Out Loud”.

So what this means is that they are not protective about their IP. In fact several fans have made several projects based on Valve IP’s for free, one of the biggest called Garry’s Mod, which is a modded version of their engine where you can pose assets and make pretty much anything your mind can come to.

To endorse this even more, they even specifically released their animation software for free on their platform called SFM, so that fans can use their assets to create free animated movies without having to worry about any sort of licensing.

All of these movies are monetized on youtube without any issue.




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