Texturing – Studio 3 – Semester 2

Today I´m gonna be talking about the beginning of the texturing process.

Textures are the final ´´signing´´of a model and they can vary the style of a project completely, when choosing the right texture, a 3d artist has to keep many factors in consideration: the color palette to use, the material, how the setting and the kind of 3d object can influence that material and also the general style of the model; a realistic texture on a highly cartoony model can look extremely out of place, while a really badly chosen color palette can damage an extremely well executed work.

Keeping all these important informations in mind, I decided to put extra effort in researching inspiration for my textures, I already knew what kind of colors I wanted to use, the setting of our movie is the desert so I will be prioritising warm tones. Regarding the style I´m gonna go for a cartoony/stylised one, why? First of all it suits well with the style of my models and second it is much quicker to complete, making the texturing process not too time consuming and extremely efficient.

Now, even though I already know two important features my textures are gonna have, one thing is having something in mind, another thing is ACTUALLY being able to visualise it in order to make it exactly how we imagine; how do we do that? Simply by researching previous 3d works with similarities to my project, studying them and summarising them into a pattern, a series of rules sort of.

In the next days I will be researching different games and animations that can help me in the texturing and I will be posting about it.



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