Animation – Studio 3 – Semester 2

Apologies for the late blog, I have been working on setting up the environments, scenes, implementing the animations and in general making sure everything is going swiftly.

Anyhow, I am now working on the animation phase acording to our schedule. What I have spent a lot of time polishing right now is the walk cycles for the different robots.

Walk 2.gif

Walk 1.gif

I specifically animated this one to look like he is stomping towards the ground with each step, first of all to seem intimidating and second of all he is a big guy.

Is it important to create walk cycles for each character?

It is absolutely important and necessary to create these motions to save as much time as possible at a later date. If you don’t you might risk having to do everything over and over again.

Where did you get your animation references from?

We recorded them in fact. Most of all the references were recorded and edited for this sole purpose. Which can be viewed RIGHT HERE!

Sadly most of the motion in our recorded references were recorded earlier, where they don’t fit the storyboard anymore due to slashed scenes.

However, the walk-references are still very usable and that’s what I am pointing out.



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