Animation – Studio 3 – Semester 2

How will the group solve perspective problems when implementing a 2D character in a 3D environment?

This was the first issue the group looked into when starting the making of this project in Semester 1, since it’s so heavily centered around our research question.

We got a free academic useable rig called Norman, which is fairly easy and good to animate on. After I have animated a scene with Norman, I export the PNG on our shared google drive folder and Oskar downloads it and draws over it for reference to get the perspectives right.




The only issue we still have to solve if we get the time is how to implement the shadow on the ground, the original plan was to nest all the images from the rendered image sequence and distort them into perspective to represent a shandow, then apply a fullcovered color from our decided color palette.Color palette.png

Sadly this seems quite unrealistic at this point considering how much time we have left.

How could I have fixed this and handled the situation better?

As supervisor might know we have had some group issues about the amount of work being done. I have been overworked for a while now and unfortunately it does not seem like I have any possible way of working even more than 200% of which I have been already working. I try to reflect upon this and it is very unfortunate that it has happened like this. What I can do about myself is to stick to my own stuff and try my best to finish the tasks that are the highest of priority, and let supervisor try to handle the situation for now.

Have the group tried to solve this issue before?

The group has had 4 group meetings regarding this matter, of which all meetings I have been promised to be relieved of my 200% work position in this group since I am the one creating the following: Close to all the models, all the UV’s, all the textures,  Close to most the animations, all of the animation after work and refining, all of the rendering and all of the editing. Instead of following up on these promises I can’t say they have been taken seriously, hence which is why I have been having the same group meeting for the 4th time. I have been patient and now I will let the course leader help out with this issue.

Oskar has been helping me so much with the modeling and uving, even though he is our 2D artist. He knew very little about UVing and barely remembered how to model, but his effort was extremely helpful and his assets are beautiful. He sat several days all in all to create this beauty.


His effort is what makes me appreciate this most of all, but also the matter of progress.

I haven’t talked about this much in my blog because I feel these issues are hard to reflect upon without attacking or blaming anyone. I had to make a statement and try to reflect now in this post because I can’t ignore the issue either and hopes it will go away. But hopefully now things will go more on track as the teacher is stepping in to sort these things out!

Now here is a comparison of the fully animated Meet The Spy parody intro I created.



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