Animation – Studio 3 – Semester 2

Now that I have gotten all the scenes into place and everything is in order, I can finally wait as I am and have been rendering for quite some time now. All though I fear that our group might now have enough time to render everything because to our surprise we underestimated the rendering time it takes to get all the scenes rendered out into an image sequence we can put in premiere pro and start the editing of our video.

We had some talks with one of the teachers and discussed some potential time savers of how we could save time rendering, and one of the conclusions was rendering over different layers. Where one frame will be rendered and placed on top of other frames in Premiere Pro. With this method it also gives us more freedom to add effects anywhere we want and create whatever we require to make. Such as having flames coming out of a thruster when it’s facing the opposite direction. We just place the 2D flame underneath the model itself. Although this saves us some time, it also means we have to use more computers to render.

Stylized flame board.PNG

We tested out creating a 3D object of stylized flames, but as the group agreed upon we will only use this asset for this specific scene since it’s supposed to be a slow motion and the flames will stay more still than constantly in movement. Our plans are to be placing more 2D effects on top of the still one to make it seem as it’s moving a tiny bit, but still remaining static. This is what the scene is looking like right now. Since we haven’t gotten around to updating the scene at the moment, but we have done More from what we show in that specific scene as it is a bit outdated at this point due to the fact that we work so fast.

The animations Oskar has made are really well done and not to mention he works like an absolute machine.

Knock out Wip2.gifNew knock out scene wip4.gif

Western 1 wip2.gif

Western 2 Wip1.gifWestern 2 Wip2.gifWestern squinting.gifWestern 3.gif

Run animation_WIP2.gifRun animation_WIP11.gif

PS.gifCrow pic up.gif

These are all drawn by Oskar, but dummy animated by myself, except for the piece of cloth. Although the first frame of the cloth was created with a tool in Autodesk Maya called NCloth where you can easily obtain cloth physics on objects.

Why did you not create an animation of the sheet with NCloth in 3D instead of drawing it?

This is due to the fact that in order to get it high quality you need to have a lot of polygons with a high polycount. We are afraid that his would completely slow us down in rendering production, and we asked ourselves the following question: “If we are gonna animate this cloth in 3D, wouldn’t it be weird that the clothes the main character are wearing is 2D?” which is exactly why we chose to be true to continuity and keep it the same way we intended. Where these things are mainly 2D. Some parts like this will have to be 3D, but we won’t animate it so it will rather blend in with the background.



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