The Final Product – Studio 3 – Semester 2

The time has finally come ladies and gentlemen. Thanks to Filipe allowing us to have the presentation last due to the unfortunate event that occured the day before, we managed to have the whole video rendered at EXACTLY 10AM. It makes me happy that we made it eventually. Without further a due, here is PUNISHED SAND.

Punished Sand Logo.png

I would like to take some time to reflect upon the fact that we did not manage to finish all of the scenes initially planned and some assets were eventually scrapped after their completion. Which is unfortunate because of the fact that we spent days making and planing these scenes, but not managed to show them off.

On the bright side, we REALLY proved our research question with the research we have now conducted and the experience we have experienced. The animation industry is slowly moving away from the 2D traditional way of animation due to it’s expensive methods and time consuming process. We can easily agree upon this statement and we can say we have been lucky to be so unfortunate and experience Sabotages, Render failures, Rendering the wrong layers or cameras, Maya crashes, File corruption, File deletion, Slashing models, Slashing scenes, Redrawing 2D animations, Group inactivity, Group arguments, Anger, Pressure, and a lot more.

The reason I am saying we are lucky to be unfortunate is because we have experienced first hand what it is like to be professional 2D, 3D and 2.5D movie animators. It’s not easy at all, and that gives us a ton of information to write in our Research Document for final delivery.

On the bright side, despite all the bad things that has happened, it gives us the opportunity to look back when you are done, be happy about what you have done and think about how hard you worked to get a satisfying product.

From here on out, this might be my last post on this blog depending on if I graduate or not. If I don’t then I might see you next year or maybe not at all? Or if I pass this will definitely be my very last post! Hopefully it will be the last alternative and I will say good bye here to anyone reading this.

This is Martin, signing over and out. Good Bye and take care!


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