Animation Assignment (Momentum)

After planing my animation, I just got started with what I drew on my planingsheet. I actually managed to complete the entire animation in 6 hours due to my earlier years of experience with animating. Although I did run into some problems I still haven’t managed to fix. So unfortunately I had to leave it at that, but I see it as a minor problem and not the main problem.

The animation from a Orthographically view:

The animation from a Perspective point of view:

The minor flaw in the video is that I managed to convert the last pipe into an editable poly which broke its rig. But on the other hand, I don’t think that this is a big problem with the rest of the animations in its¬†entirety.

Another minor problem is that I have a really awful internet connection and it is theoretically impossible to upload the 2 videos I have from this animation due to their size. So as a result I had to downscale them in size which made the resolution drop a notch.

Despite all the problems with the rendering and the internet, I think I actually managed to complete the animation with it being quite decent like I mentioned. Animation isn’t my hardest challenge, that would be the 3D modeling, but I feel good about it and I think I did pretty good on my 3D modeling assignment as well. I am actually looking forward to making more now.

Until next time.


Finding inspiration for Animation

For this animation, I need inspiration and references for a bouncing ball.

So I’ve gathered 5 different youtube videos as my references when it both comes to momentum, the stretching, the impact when it hits the ground and realistic movement.

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3 (Made by a student)

Number 4 (Made by a student)

Number 5 (Made by a student)

After gathering all the references, I downloaded the planing sheet from Moodle, and put together a scenario of how I could see the ball go from point A to point B.

Planning Sheet-Recovered.png

I really want to focus on the momentum in this animation, of the ball just gaining more and more speed by hitting other objects. Despite how I want my animation to be realistic movement, I also want it to have it’s own identity, so with a tint of cartoonish airtime I think it will turn out pretty decent.

Until next time.