Arcade Machine (The final Result)

After around 10 hours of work I managed to finally finish the Arcade Machine model with UV maps and everything.

I did not export it into an FBX file and import it into any game engine, but I am currently keeping that as a future goal.

The Front

Arcade Machine 1.png

The Back

Arcade Machine 2.png

The Closeup

Arcade Machine 3.png

So this will be the last update for now on the Arcade Machine.

Until next time.



Arcade Machine Screen (UV Map)

I started working on the UV map for the arcade machine’s screen.

I found an image on google I photoshoped and bent it into the form of the actual screen.

UV Map 2

I am very happy with how the actual screen turned out, all though I do wish to add some glass materials over the actual UV.

Pic 3.png

Next up will be tweaking the texture and trying to get it to fit in with a Team Fortress environment.

Arcade Machine (UV Mapping)

Hello, this is a follow-up from my latest blog post. Today I will be texturing the Arcade Machine I recently modeled. After going through the Digital Tutors tutorial.

I started off with trying to make the UV Map for the entire cabinet.

UV Map

And as a result the arcade machine ended up like this

Wip 7

Next time I will focus on completing the screen.

Arcade Machine

So I wanted to get a bit more training in 3D modeling, so I decided to make an Arcade Machine following Digital Tutors’ tutorial on how to make an Arcade Machine.

Using their format with drawing shapes I started off with the side of the cabinet.Wip1

I continued following the tutorial by merging the two pieces together into one object.Wip 2.PNG

After sorting out where I wanted my screen to be, I cut out the middle piece from the object and shaped it into a round screen.Wip 3

Now that the base model was complete, I started using my creativity to make my own buttons, joystick and coin slot. Derailing a bit away from the Tutorial on Digital Tutors, this is what I ended up with.Wip 6

Now it’s time for texturing. I’ll cover this in my next blog post!

Until next time!