Animation 3 – The assets for lipsync

All of the assets have been fully modeled and is now ready for animation!


A cool photoshop edit

REnder 2.png


Animation 2 – The end product

The final animation ended up looking really good. I am quite proud of this animation. I have prior experience with animating walk cycles, but I have never finished them entirely like this. The learning curve has extended and I am looking to do more animations like this in the future.

Combining all the 3 animations together was a piece of work, but the end result looks really good so I won’t complain. I saved one of the 3 animations as a new file and imported the other saves into the new file I made. I then copied the animations from the rigs of the other saves into the new file and polished and tweaked it one last time.

I expected to run into a lot of problems doing this because I have said prior experience with doing this in other animation software such as Source Filmmaker. Although Source Filmmaker is really buggy and there is a lot of know bugs. So animating in a professional program felt like a pleasure.

The final animation:Turntable2.gif


Animation 2, Getting started

My first point of reference started of course with Johnny Bravo’s animation. I found a clip from Cartoon Network where he is walking down the street where you get a perfect side view of his walk cycle.


With some editing and cutting I managed to get a looking cycle of only the walk.

Original Reference.gif

This was a good point to start. Only thing is that cartoons made in the 90’s did not have a gigantic budget. So his walk cycle only consisted of 6 frames, so the challenge here was how could I make a 3D animation look polished and good and still keep the cartoonish feel to it. My first attempt at the animation turned out really stiff and choppy. So I figured I needed more frames to support the actual animation itself. I thought about doubling the frames from 6 to 12, which still was not enough. At 25 frames it started to look good, now the challenge was to try and get that cartoonish feel back.

Rigging 2 – Story

Now that the project is finished, I also made a little story with shitty images drawn. This is the actual backstory of the structure for the people that didn’t hear about it.

I originally thought up the story to begin with, I liked the idea of having a complicated time era and manipulating the time space continuum to escape this era. However every story needs a conflict as well. So I wanted this to have a tint of sad love story with it.

The images drawn is not really the best, they are just there to help the viewer get a clearer image of how the story goes, but I am really satisfied with how the story turned out as well.

Getting started

20151002_154500My name is Martin André Flagstad, I am a student at Noroff University, and I am studying Animation and 3D Modeling.

This is a temporary blog made for the 3D modeling and animation course. My plan for the future is to use my domain as my main blog. But as for now, this is where I post my projects.

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.