Animation 2 – The flip

Unfortunately I have experienced some issues with the flip I am animating. After looking into the problem with my teacher, it seems I have gotten a Gimbal lock on several places in the rig. The problem lies either in one of the following: #1 it is a cheap free rig, and is not made for being twisted so much. #2 I am not too experienced with animating in Maya so there’s a lot of stuff that is new to me.

Either way after trying to clean it up for a long time I think I managed it fairly well. I have learned for future reference that I should never rotate or move any parts on the rig without using the axis and doing it completely on freehand.

This is the end result for the flip:


There is still a lot of polishing that needs to be done, but I think this is good for now.

Animation 2 – The walk

I have finally finished the walk animation and I would say I am pretty satisfied. There probably will be some polishing to do when I am editing the 3 animations together, but as for now I think it looks pretty good.


Johnny Bravo front slower.gif


Johnny Bravo Side slower.gif

Animation 2 – The three parts.

From last time I struggled with making the animation feel like it was cartoonish and not too realistic. Considering I had to do 3 parts of animation, why not apply 3 different animations from 3 different cartoons together to make one animation.

So I picked out one animation from a video game called Crash Bandikoot where they use a lot of the same style I am going for. Crash has a classic run cycle I wanted to take huge reference from. I also based the running off this sheet I found in our computer lab.



As for the jump, I decided to take reference from my favourite modern cartoon which is called “The Legend of Korra” A lot of the movement and animation from this cartoon is based on real life martial arts. They have 4 different culture of people that can bend elements to their own will. Fire, Water, Earth and Air. These different cultures are based on different martial arts, so the one I chose for the jump is a Chinese martial arts called Ba Gua Zhang, which has been used a lot in different Jet-Li movies. Example:

That summerizes up pretty much all of the references I am using.

Original Reference

Johnny Bravo


Crash Bandikoot


Legend of Korra

Animation 2, Getting started

My first point of reference started of course with Johnny Bravo’s animation. I found a clip from Cartoon Network where he is walking down the street where you get a perfect side view of his walk cycle.


With some editing and cutting I managed to get a looking cycle of only the walk.

Original Reference.gif

This was a good point to start. Only thing is that cartoons made in the 90’s did not have a gigantic budget. So his walk cycle only consisted of 6 frames, so the challenge here was how could I make a 3D animation look polished and good and still keep the cartoonish feel to it. My first attempt at the animation turned out really stiff and choppy. So I figured I needed more frames to support the actual animation itself. I thought about doubling the frames from 6 to 12, which still was not enough. At 25 frames it started to look good, now the challenge was to try and get that cartoonish feel back.

My Johnny Bravo Animation

So for my Animation 2 I decided to take some inspiration from cartoon animations.

My core idea is based on the style of Johnny Bravo. He has such characteristic poses and moves. We started of with a couple of lectures on posing the free rig we are using. There were two rigs to choose from, one called Bony and one called Beefy. Difference is Bony is thin and Beefy is buffed. Of course Beefy would fit better for the Johnny Bravo animation I am planing to make. Only thing is that he does not look similar enough to the man himself. So I took an extra step and started 3D modeling the hair of Johnny Bravo.




Rigging 2 – Story

Now that the project is finished, I also made a little story with shitty images drawn. This is the actual backstory of the structure for the people that didn’t hear about it.

I originally thought up the story to begin with, I liked the idea of having a complicated time era and manipulating the time space continuum to escape this era. However every story needs a conflict as well. So I wanted this to have a tint of sad love story with it.

The images drawn is not really the best, they are just there to help the viewer get a clearer image of how the story goes, but I am really satisfied with how the story turned out as well.

Rigging 2 – Final product

The time has finally come and the render is done! I really like how it turned out. Not exactly how it played out in my mind but that’s not necessarily bad. It still turned out genuine. I have really enjoyed this course and I have learned a lot. I will try to keep this blog updated for the future with other modeling project as well as outside school!

This is the final render with a touch of Photoshop.

Very Final Poster Photoshop 2 Final.png

This is the render without photoshop

Final Texture Render.png

I did not want to use a finished stock model of a pine tree because I feel like that is cheating. Instead I tried my best to make the trees myself. Not the best, but it works.

Here’s 3 more renders with different perspectives




Here’s a blocking stage of how the model was made over time:

Rigging 2 (Labs 6)

UVs is where I am now. I took some photoshop brushes and combined it with color to get a nice texture to use for my structure. I wanted my scene to look genuine and not like I have only ripped images off google. I used a lot of textures I created myself:

Rooftiles texture


Rocky texture

Rock texture.png

Wooden texture

Wood texture.jpg

And then there’s UV maps with more details on them

Window UV

Window uv.jpg

Flag UV

flag UV.jpg

Foundation UV


These are some of the UV maps I’ve made so far, looking to make more but I don’t want to overdo it as well. Have to be realistic and gotta look at how much time I have left.

Rigging 2 (Labs 5)

So I’ve started to get around UV mapping now. Using photoshop and a program called UV layout. I still have a lot to learn, but I wanted to test render my scene with some basic uvmaps, I was kind of happy with the result I must say!

Beam test2.jpg

Beam test.jpg

I was really satisfied with the glow on the beam shooting through the rooftop. The glow gives it a good touch of not looking like it’s a liquid form. Because that was a concern I had. I didn’t want the beam to look like water shooting through or down into the rooftop.

But this was certanly a step to the right direction.

Rigging 2 (Labs 4)

So right now I have finished the house. The beam and the top is finished and I am quite satisfied.



I had a bit focus on making the bricks crooked and skewed. This is because the structure is being affected by the vibrations of the explosion on the top.

WIP 5 4 2.PNG     WIP 5 4.PNG

Just to add a touch of detail, I used my reference drawing and added flying bricks away from the blast point like in my drawings.



Next up I will focus on adding props and environment props all round the area. Like pine trees and environmental props fitting the theme and era of the time the structure is set in.